Speaker Series
The Franklin Institute Speaker Series gathers world-renowned experts to tackle today's top questions in science. The speaker series presents multiple perspectives of highly-debated significant scientific issues through a variety of speakers, with the goal of sparking a thoughtful, solution-driven public discussion.

Advance registration is required. Admission is provided on a first come first serve basis regardless of registration.

2018 The Franklin Institute Speaker Series

February 13 - The Competitive Edge: Trend vs. Truth in Sports Training and Recovery Learn More
April 9 - From Inspiration to Impact: Science that Engineers Innovation
March 5 - Treating Addiction: Can Marijuana Combat the Opioid Crisis?
May 7 - Climate Change and Science Denial: Thoughts from a “Reluctant Participant”
June 4 - How Much is Too Much?: Exploring Ethics & Privacy in Modern Tech
August 6 - Fracking in Pennsylvania: Investigating Impacts through Community Science6
September 16 - From Concept to Cure: Can CRISPR Gene Editing Treat HIV Infections?
November 4 - Preserve, Protect and Pollute Plastics: Separating the Good from the Bad

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Speaker Series
 (Adults 18+)
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